Project Description

What is a virtual tour? It is a virtual 360′ panorama using the latest in cutting-edge technology and a brilliant marketing tool used for promotion and presentation of places and events. They enable an unique interaction between the observer and the observed space in a completely different perspective.

We work with our clients to develop the concept and purpose of their virtual tours and 360′ videos. We then shoot and process the footage – we stabilize the images and run a grading and color correction process, all so that we can produce visually appealing and believable experience.

Finally, our team will go through the final process of testing and making sure your your virtual tour and 360′ video are properly displayed on all platforms – smartphones, tablets and PC’s, so they are available for viewing to your customers anytime, anywhere.

In recent times, along with virtual tours, 360-degree videos are becoming highly popular and are experiencing increasing viewership numbers. This content encourages user interaction and leaves a lasting impression on users and that’s why more and more businesses are using 360-degree video technology to advertise their products and services.